Attention-Deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)


Children with ADHD have behavioral problems that are so frequent and severe which will significantly and consistently interfere with children's life, development, self-esteem and general functioning.

Main symptoms: 

-  Short attention span (inattentiveness)

-  Hyperactivity 

- Symptoms change form over time 

- Unable to respond to the academic, social, and behavioral demands 

- Impulsivity 

- Aggression 

In some cases, it is not that simple; it is not just "ADHD" or it could be ADHD in addition to other diagnosis.  The right evaluation/treatment and referral to other specialists as needed, will help to make the correct diagnosis.   

There is an association with other psychiatric diagnosis such depression, anxiety, OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), ODD (oppositional defiant disorder), bipolar, and or conduct disorder. 

Non-pharmacological therapy

- The combination of psychological therapy and other non-pharmacological options in conjunction with pharmacological therapies works better in many cases.  

- Consistency, discipline, and clear rules at home and school 

- Home behavioral management tools 

- Social skills interventions 

- Time management and organizational/planning skills 

Treatment Goals

- Improve relationships with family, teachers, and friends

- Better academic outcomes 

- More independence 

- Improve self-esteem

- Prevention of getting into situations risky behaviors - substance abuse

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Additional Resources:

The following is a list of support groups and additional resources for further information about ADHD. Check with your pediatrician for resources in your community.