TIPS for a positive TELEMEDICINE VISIT experience


Have your child with you in a room with the following characteristics

- With good illumination 

- Quiet

- Free of distractions 

We get it... you are at home, so do your best.   

Options for your child's visit

- Smart phone, tablet, computer

- Log-in 5-10 minutes before your schedule appointment time 

- Make sure you have good connection 

Tools to have available

- Your child's weight or a scale

- A flash light or other light source (in that way we could look in your child's throat and mouth)

- A thermometer 


Dr. Paez - our pediatrician will have you help with your child's physical exam

Our physician will ask you to push on your child's belly, or have you take the temperature, among other things. 


Make sure you and your child ask questions; we are here for you and your child!! 

Please do not hesitate to call us! - 706 528 4949